The 8 Feelings You Have When Your Best Friend Gets Married


The news of an engagement tends to spread pretty quickly. Normally, when you see announcements on your feed, you think people just need to have some chill. But when it’s your best friend who gets engaged, nobody seems to have enough excitement. This is a big moment in your life, it is only natural to experience a lot of emotions.

1. The Urge to Party

The Urge to Party

You’re just so happy for them that every occasion turns into an elaborate celebration.

2. The Obligation to Make Sure it Rocks

The Obligation to Make Sure it Rocks

It is your duty to make sure their wedding day is going to rock. Your friend has a lot on their plate, what with planning a wedding and all. You’ve got entertainment from now to the wedding on lockdown.

3. Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding Planning Stress

No, it is not your wedding and no, you’re probably not under the same stress they’re under, but there is still so much to do. Especially if you’re in the wedding party. There’s so many decisions and responsibilities.