Breathtaking Images of Ireland That Will Make You Pack Your Bags


The Emerald Isle is renowned as one of the most beautiful countries on earth; if you still aren’t convinced that you have to see its endless emerald hills and dramatic cliffs that plunge down to turquoise waters – not to mention the multitude of spectacular castles, waterfalls and friendly people – these breathtaking images of Ireland will surely change your mind.

Bee Hive Huts on Skellig Michael

Bee Hive Huts on Skellig Michael

Ireland’s striking Skellig Islands are accessible via a boat trip from the charming town of Portmagee along the popular Ring of Kerry tourist trail. Skelling Michael is home to a fascinating 6th-century monastic complex that sits high atop the 750-foot cliff, requiring a heart-pounding steep 600-step climb to view the remains.