10 Differences between Dog and Cat Owners


The argument is as old as time: are dogs better or are cats better?

Truth be told, though, our opinion about dogs and cats probably says more about us than it does about the animals themselves! Whether we like dogs better than cats or vice versa can come down to our own unique personality and needs.

In fact, you might find that you have a similar temperament to dogs or cats that is relational to which animal you prefer.

Don’t believe us? Here are the top 10 differences between dog people and cat people that prove it!

Open and Sociable
Sociable K9

Open and Sociable

Dog lovers tend to be similar to their canine companions. This is true with their social and open attitude and behavior. If you’re a dog person, it can be assumed that you enjoy hanging out in the company of friends and family and detest being alone.

Cat lovers tend to fall on the opposite end of the spectrum. This isn’t saying they are anti-social, but they know how to be alone and can be comfortable alone as well.



While not scientifically proven, it has been said that cat lovers tend to be more intelligent than dog owners. Maybe because they spend so much time alone they have more time to tackle all of life’s great mysteries.

Dog people are smart as well but they are more hands-on than cat people, while cat people tend to have more of a book-smart attitude.

Neurotic and Adventurous
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Neurotic and Adventurous

Cat people tend to be a little more neurotic than dog people. A dog person will usually be more grounded and stick to the routine: go for a walk, have lunch, maybe nap, go for another walk and then dinner time.

Cat people tend to stray from the trail and go exploring more. They are also fearless (for the most part), adding to their neurotic tendencies.