Did You Know These Differences Between the Film Version and Book?


Some of the most popular movies out there today were adaptations of books. While the books are quite popular in their own right, many people have only ever seen the movie version of them.

The films can’t fit everything from the book into them, and many directors want to put their own spin on the narrative anyways. As a result, many things get left out of the movies that were in the books.

Here are some of the major discrepancies between books and their movie adaptations that might surprise you!

The Hobbit: Songs
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The Hobbit: Songs

The Hobbit was originally meant to be a children’s book. With that in mind, J.R.R. Tolkien took the time to carefully craft little songs and poems to go into almost every other chapter.

The novel is literally littered with songs and poems that really display the nature of the dwarves, lend insight into the themes of the book and provide some history on the origins of Middle Earth – information that is helpful in better understanding The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Even though Director Peter Jackson decided to split the short novel into three movies, he only featured two songs in them. Both songs occur within the first movie.

The Hobbit: Stone Giants
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The Hobbit: Stone Giants

The Stone Giants that appear in the movies have a thunderous fight that moves whole mountainsides and causes a great deal of danger for Bilbo and his comrades. They spend much of this scene avoiding boulders, dodging rocky fists and dangling from the edge on numerous occasions.

In the book, however, the Stone Giants are only ever really mentioned in a few sentences, and they are having a playful rock fight. No fists are being thrown, only stones.

The Hobbit: Dwarves
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The Hobbit: Dwarves

One of the most difficult changes to try to look past is the appearance of the dwarves. When the dwarves were being described in the book, as they showed up one after another at Bilbo’s door, one of the main phrases Tolkien used was “colorful.”

They have colorful cloaks and have bright beards. For example, the book says that Thorin has a blue beard and a bright green cloak!