That Feeling of Irrepressible Enthusiasm You Get in the New Year


There’s nothing quite like the reset of the new year to clean the slate and start fresh. Of course we can set goals all year round, but the tradition of doing it at the new year is a great reminder to reflect on where we’ve been andĀ if we’re headed in the right direction.

Enjoy the enthusiasm that surrounds you at the beginning of January while it lasts! You feel refreshed, ready to take on the world, and maybe even a little invincible.

Harness that energy and go get ’em! Here’s a taste of what that new year spirit is all about.

1. Walking into work with a spring in your step ready to be the best employee in town.


2. Resting up after the craziness of the holidays and feeling like you’ve come back to life once and for all.


3. Knowing this is the year you’ll be able to stay away from your ex and other no-good love interests.