31 Things You’ve Experienced If You Have Siblings


Whether you have one sister or 5 brothers we all had similar experiences growing up with siblings. From fighting with each other over petty things and stealing their clothes, to dealing with difficult times and looking out for one another, you’ve felt equal parts of love and hatred for your siblings over the years.

Despite the verbal (and perhaps even physical) abuse you’ve inflicted on each other, though, you care about your sibling. You just fight because, well, that’s what siblings do!

If there’s one thing we can say for sure, it’s that siblings make life interesting. And looking back you probably wouldn’t give up those memories for anything.

1. When your parents claim they don’t have a favorite but then do something like this.

Christmas presents

2. As you desperately beg them to stop crying and tell them, “You can hit me back!”

Accidentally injuring your sibling

3. Your parents are so lucky they had you.

When your sibling is lying