Fad Diets and Those Who Follow Them

The Alkaline Diet


The Alkaline Diet

As with all diets, The Alkaline Diet makes claims that start out small and sensible, and then expand into something else entirely. This is a diet that not only promises to help you to lose weight and feel great, but one that (apparently) can also help to fight cancer. The Big C is such a terrifying proposition that it’s almost become a buzzword in the diet and health industry, but like most other things that claim to fight this horrible disease, there is no hard evidence to back it up.

The Alkaline Diet is based on the principle that certain foods can raise the pH value of your blood, whilst others can lower it. The proponents of the diet claim that an ashy residue is left over when your body burns food for energy, and this ash can be either acidic, which is bad, or alkaline, which is good — or so we are led to believe. They claim that acidic ash can make you susceptible to diseases, weakening your body overall.

The main purpose of the diet is to promote health and well-being, but due to the restrictive nature of it, with foods like meat, fish, dairy, and grain all considered “acidic”, most followers also lose weight. The truth is that if you eat the foods that are good on this diet and avoid the ones that are bad, then you’ll have a very healthy diet and one that should promote well-being.  After all, we all know the benefits of a balanced diet that contains plenty of fruit, vegetables, and water. However, the claims that it makes in regards to the acidic and alkaline ash are pure fabrication, as this Web MD article explains.

Followers of the Alkaline Diet include Victoria Beckham, who seems to be eternally slim despite having a handful of children.