7 Reasons the Fall Term Will Always Be Better than the Winter


As much as we all love summer, you still get that excited feeling in your stomach when you think about school being back in session.

Even if you don’t love the thought of going back to school as much, you can’t deny that one term definitely takes the cake over the other. Sure, in the winter term you get to look forward to summer vacation arriving or possibly even finishing school for good if you are graduating.

But there’s no real competition here. The fall term is far superior!

Here’s why:

1. You can use that beginning-of-the-school-year giddiness to propel you until at least Thanksgiving.

School is new and exciting! After a four month summer you’ve forgotten about all of the pain and suffering you went through during the previous school year and now you’re ready to get back into your school routine again.

2. This also means your profs and teachers will be more amicable and excited about teaching.

Versus the winter term when they want to get out of this hell as badly as you do.

3. There are better holidays to look forward to.

As great as St. Paddy’s is, Thanksgiving means weeks’ worth of leftovers.