Thoughts Everyone Has While Getting Ready for a First Date


1. Yesss.

2. I’m so excited, I haven’t gone on a good date in a while.

3.Or any date really.

4.I’m so overdue. This is going to go great.

5.This calls for an extra long shower, just to be sure.


6. What restaurant are we going to again? I should check the menu.

7. Oh, wait, this is a bar? Are we eating?

8. Does an 8 o’clock date imply food or just drinks?

9. Hmm.

10. I’m hungry.

11. And I also really need a glass of wine.

12. But I need to pace myself.

13. Note to self: drowning nerves with booze makes you drunk. Too drunk.


14. Sip peacefully.

15. I hope this goes better than the last time I met someone IRL.

16. Can’t people just post realistic photos of themselves?

17. I mean, mine are at least realistic.

18. Maybe I should spend a little bit more time stalking this person to be sure.

19. No, no. I already scoured his Instagram, that’s probably enough.

20. It’s a little awkward that I already know what he did over the weekend.

21. I’m a stalker, aren’t I?

22. No, everyone’s a stalker. That’s what it’s for!

23. Even so, I won’t mention that I did.

24. Unless it’s mutual.

25. Speaking of mutual…

26. What if this person doesn’t even like me?


27. Ugh.

28. I can’t deal with another ghosting situation.

29. Although technically I ghosted the last person I went out with didn’t I…

30. It’s not the same! My intentions are good.

31. It’s the same.

32. No ghosting this time around either way.

33. But let’s think positive, it could work.

34. Wait, what if it’s good!

35. OMG I could be making out in a few hours.


36. That would be ideal.

37. If he’s cute that is.

38. Not that that’s all that matters! Come on.

39. But it also matters.

40. What if I have to dodge a goodnight kiss!

41. Wait what are we going to talk about…

42. I need to remember not to discuss exes on the first date. Not necessary. Whoops.

43. Safe date first conversation ideas…

44. Work?


45. Dating is work too.

46. No, dating is fun, what am I saying!

47. At least it can be. I hope this is a fun one.

48. It’s all about the mindset, I guess.

49. No matter what happens, I will have fun on this date.

50. Good enough.