8 Foods That Taste Better When Their Appearance Changes


Food is one of those things in life that people can be quite picky about. What tastes heavenly to one person, tastes absolutely disgusting to another. Sometimes the food’s overall taste is what is repulsive, other times it has more to do with the texture or smell.

What’s funny to think about, though, is how something like appearance can actually work to enhance a food’s taste. As soon as you adjust the size or shape or even name of a particular food, it suddenly becomes far more appetizing.

Whether we like or dislike a food is more psychologically motivated than we might think! Here are some small variations in foods that make them taste a thousand times better.

Regular-Sized M&M's vs M&M's Minis
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Regular-Sized M&M’s vs M&M’s Minis

Even though M&M’s Minis are merely tinier  versions of regular-sized M&M’s, it’s not a coincidence that most people believe M&M’s Minis to be much tastier.

Though the ingredients are exactly the same, there’s just something about eating miniature versions of our food that gives it a completely different vibe.

Maybe this is the case because M&M’s Minis are much smaller and so we crave more of them, leading us to believe the reason we want more is that they taste better. Perhaps it’s because there’s more candy shell in the miniature version, and more chocolate in the larger ones.

Either way, there’s just something strange about this tendency to perceive smaller M&M’s as better tasting that we can’t quite grasp.

Trix Cereal Shapes vs Puffs
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Trix Cereal Shapes vs Puffs

Even though Trix cereal was originally puff-shaped, they became fun, fruit-shaped pieces in 1991. Unfortunately, Trix went back to their original puff-shaped cereal pieces in 2014.

For many, this was disappointing because it meant a less-tasty cereal (psychologically motivated, considering they even eliminated artificial dyes and other components in their cereal, which you would think would make it taste better). Trix suddenly had a “less fruity vibe” when the tiny, fun, fruit-shaped pieces were turned to large balls of blah.

Soda in Glass vs Plastic Bottles
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Soda in Glass vs Plastic Bottles

This is something most, if not all, people can agree on: soda tastes better in a glass bottle. Of course, this may be due to the fact that glass tends to stay cooler longer than plastic, and most of us enjoy colder soda. It could also be due to the fact that plastic has a lower melting point, and the components in plastic, if overheated, can slightly melt into your bottled soda, giving it a different flavor.

Sometimes, though, it seems that mentally we feel glass in general is a material capable of providing tastier beverages. Glass containers give our soda and other drinks a classier, fresher sensation.