10 times Friends Got You Right in the Feels!


Whether you watched it once a week during its original airtime, or bought the seasons and binge watched them years later, Friends is a sitcom that has been around for 2 decades and keeps popping up everywhere. Watching the show always had you laughing like crazy, but on the rare occasion the show could strike you with a powerful emotional scene that you just weren’t ready for!

Chandler and Monica Get the Fertility News
Lauren Jane

1. Chandler and Monica Get the Fertility News

Perhaps the hardest news for a couple to hear is that they can’t have kids. For Chandler and Monica this news was an unfortunately reality. They had been trying for a while and the call from the Doctor, explaining the technicalities of what wasn’t working, struck them, and us, with a devastating blow. Chandler tries to joke about it, but when Monica asks for a straight answer, he gives her the truth “We can keep trying, but there’s a good chance it’s never going to happen for us”.