33 Things All People Who Hate Their Jobs Know to Be True


Even if you are somehow in a job now that you love, chances are you’ve had jobs in the past that you absolutely hated. Unfortunately, working crappy jobs is a rite of passage. One that often lasts for far longer than we thought it would…

Whether it was working at a fast food restaurant through high school, doing shift work at the local factory on your summers off from college, or sitting in an office all day doing nothing meaningful, we can all relate to these common work woes.

Here’s to those of us who have made it, and those of us who are still waiting for our dream job to come around!

1. Want to get ahead? Sometimes the key is working harder.

Get ahead

2. When you work with a bunch of children.

Passive aggressive notes

3. Some days it honestly feels like this is the only thing you have to look forward to.

Don't have to work when you're dead