People Are Angry over Kids Reenacting Walking Dead Scenes

People Are Angry over Kids Reenacting Walking Dead Scenes
Mother Hubbard Photography

A few weeks ago a photographer from New Jersey found herself at the centre of the social media spotlight when she posted what some viewers are deeming “disturbing” photographs from her latest photoshoot.

Alana Hubbard, the owner of a small photography business, set out to pay homage to one of AMC’s greatest accomplishments in TV: The Walking Dead. Featured in the shoot, which I will deem incredible and true to the show, were her 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter.

She chose to do still photos of pivotal moments in the show including a scene with Daryl Dixon escaping a horde of walkers on his bike, and (probably the most controversial) one of Carol shooting Lizzie in the back of the head.

The images are incredible and they do an excellent job of showcasing these important parts in the show. The detail that went into the costumes, the makeup and even the locations is so careful and thought out. However, like many things out in social media nowadays, someone somewhere had an issue with these pictures and has started to gain support. Many people are commenting that the images are insensitive and depict childhood trauma and want them taken down.

Children's Walking Dead cosplay

The photos were uploaded to Hubbard’s photography page on Facebook, where she receives majority of her business from, and the response was overwhelming. Many people were liking her photos, but more and more people were saying hateful things. Some viewers even retaliated by posting images of dead children on her page.

Hubbard, in an interview to PetaPixel, gave her comment on the situation:

“I put a disclaimer on each individual photo and the album itself, and Facebook did something I’ve never seen before, blurring out the photos so you had to click to see them. In order to see my photos, at least before the media got a hold of them, you had to go to my page, find the album, go past the warnings, AND click the photos. People had no right to complain, because nobody asked them to come and look at my photos. If they choose to ignore the warnings, to make the adult decision to look at the photos, then they need to be an adult about it and respect my art.”

Zombies attack Daryl

Hubbard refuses to remove the pictures, and has even been sent praise from some of The Walking Dead cast and the show’s website, who want her to publish the photos, or at least be given permission to.

The interesting thing is that this isn’t the first time Hubbard has gone viral. The last time was in 2014 when she photographed a young lady who was battling cancer. As a result of this shoot, Hubbard was deemed the “heart of gold” lady, but is now being labelled a villain, completely abandoned by the photography community.

What are your thoughts on the photos? Is it too much or an interesting homage to the show?