7 Life Lessons Every Adult Should Know


Let’s face it, being an adult can be hard. With time, though, comes experience.

You learn an unbelievable amount of things from the time you are born until the time you turn 18 (how to walk, talk, read, write, do simple math, drive a car, pass exams, etc.). While your years as an adult don’t involve nearly as much learning as what’s concentrated in the early years of your life, the lessons you internalize and realizations you come to as an adult are ones that are important and vital to your outlook on life.

Anyone over 40 will probably tell you that there are some lessons they have learned the hard way. But why not try to start to internalize those things now?

Unfortunately, some things you only truly start to believe once you’ve experienced it for yourself. Hence the hard way!

But if you can get a jump start on learning these lessons, you’ll be able to spend more of your adult life being happy and doing the things you love.

Money Can't Buy Happiness
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1. Money Can’t Buy Happiness

As much as we hate to admit it, money isn’t something we can rely on for true happiness. Rather, it’s a temporary fix.

If you have to choose between money and, say, spending time with loved ones, it’s likely the second option will become more of a priority as you get older.

The euphoria of having valued family and friends in your life beats a large check any day. Like age, your bank account is just a number.

You're Never Too Old
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2. You’re Never Too Old

If your age is a strong indicator of what you can and cannot do, your older adult years will be a drag. Instead of letting a number get in the way, your adulthood should be the time where you live it up.

Remember, life is short, but your “younger” years are even shorter, which means it’s absolutely necessary to stay young forever at heart.

One True Friend Is Better Than 30 Flaky Friends

3. One True Friend Is Better Than 30 Flaky Friends

Throughout your younger years, life is a popularity contest. It’s all about who has the largest clique, the biggest parties and the most friends and followers on social media.

The more attention you have, the better, or so we thought. As you age, the loved ones you have in your life depend on quality, not quantity.

It just makes more sense, and really, all you need are genuine people.