8 Offbeat New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep in 2017


It’s that time of year again… the time of year for self-betterment. Even if you don’t think you need to better yourself, you always get pressured into making resolutions with all the hype around “making this the best year EVER.”

The problem is, you make those resolutions and you rarely last a month. Maybe that’s because they aren’t the right resolutions to begin with.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure, pick some resolutions you can actually keep. The more interesting they are to you, the more likely you will keep it up year round! Best of all, they don’t have to do with going on a diet.

With that said, who is ready to make 2017 THE BEST YEAR EVER?!

Trust Your Instincts
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Trust Your Instincts

This sounds fairly simplistic in theory, but learning how to trust your instincts can be tricky. Simply put, you need to learn to trust that gut feeling you get and stop second guessing yourself.

Stop listening to the pressures of society. Think about what you believe deep down to be true, what you feel is the right decision to make.

Then make that decision with certainty and determination. Trusting your instincts can be a great thing, and many great decision will come from it!

Stop over Thinking
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Stop over Thinking

Thankfully this one goes hand in hand with training yourself to trust your gut. You need to start going with that first answer, first decision, first instinct!

Every time you overthink something you tend to make the situation 10 times worse than it actually is. So take it easy, stop over thinking, and destress a little in 2017.

Take Risks
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Take Risks

Everyone makes the resolution that they will do something adventurous this year, but why stop at one thing? Why not make it that you do a ton of adventurous things and take some risks?

Take risks in everything you do. Much like over thinking, avoiding risks can lead to many missed opportunities.

Tie this in with trusting your instincts and you could open up a whole new world for yourself.