13 Totally Rocking Old Hairstyles That Deserve a Comeback


People say that fashion trends happen in cycles, with certain styles coming back into stores again after spending years being out of style. The real shame is that hairstyles don’t seem to function the same way!

To be fair, there are old hairstyles┬áthat should never make a comeback, and probably shouldn’t have even made an entrance to begin with. However, there are definitely some dos from the past that need to be brought back to life!

Finger Waves
Lionesse Flatiron

Finger Waves

Wavy hair is nice and all, but finger waves from the 1920s take things to a whole different level, adding definition, depth and volume to any length of hair.

What could be classier and more flattering than this?

The Gibson Tuck
Banquete de Boda

The Gibson Tuck

This hairstyle from the Victorian era is perfect for ladies with long hair wanting to rock a perceived short hairdo.

Plus it’s an easy and quick style to pull off! Perfect for busy mornings.

The Elvis Quiff

The Elvis Quiff

Elvis had talent, and he also had cool hair. His slicked back, 1950s do is underrated in today’s times.

Guys might wonder, isn’t using too much hair gel a bad thing? Not if you use it to pull of this look!