Stop Staring at Those Screens! 10 Things to Do Other than Sitting on Your Computer


In the world we live today, individuals are more addicted to screens than ever. They’re either attached to their computer screens, TV screens, or cellphone screens.¬†Even when we are with people, we can’t keep our hands off our cellphones and stare at them for minutes before answering a question or picking up the menu to place an order.

We need to change this behavior and find more time for more basic activities, not only to hone back our interpersonal skills, but to actually have fun! Here are 10 things that you can do other than sitting on your computer all day.

Have a Girls/Guys Night out Without Cellphones

1. Have a Girls/Guys Night out Without Cellphones

How about you go out with your friends and actually do something fun like playing paintball, or just having dinner and just talk! Oh and how about you leave your cellphones in the car or turn them on vibration to stop yourself from being distracted. Note: Only take them out when you can’t resist the urge to take a selfie.

Go on a Date

2. Go on a Date

Doesn’t matter if you’re married, in a relationship, or single. Find someone you enjoy spending time with and go out to do something you both would enjoy. Pretend to be tourist in your own city and visit places that you haven’t visited for ages.

Clean Your House

3. Clean Your House

Yes, you might want to laundry that pile of clothes sitting on that chair in the corner of your room or how about cleaning the stack of dishes in your sink other than throwing them in the dishwasher.