Parenting The Beginning vs the End of the School Year


Being a parent is never easy. What a parent expects to accomplish somehow manages to turn into something completely different in many cases. As a parent, you may especially feel this way when preparing your children for school.

At the beginning of the school year, it’s all fun and games preparing your youngsters for a brand new year until stress and other responsibilities get in the way of your once perfect preparation methods. This is a video demonstrating just that, which surely most parents with kids could probably agree.

As much as we love our children, it’s not easy waking up at the crack of dawn each weekday to not only get ourselves ready for work, but to also ensure our kids are dressed, finished with last night’s homework, have lunch packed for school, and have a hearty breakfast.

From buying cute clothes and new supplies for your children before the beginning of the year to feeling overwhelmed by the end of the school year, boy does being a parent really prove to us that we have to take on more responsibilities than we could ever handle, but as the video says, “It’s all worth it.”