14 Annoying Problems Only People with Long Nails Will Understand


As much as some of us love having long nails, they can certainly be a struggle. From the maintenance they require, to trying to do simple daily tasks, having long nails can drive some of us crazy — even if they are pretty.

What’s weird, though, is how the length of your fingernails can change your perspective on things, for better and for worse.

Here are the things only folks with long nails will truly understand.

Difficulty Writing
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1. Difficulty Writing

Perhaps one of the most disheartening things about having long nails is dealing with your changed handwriting. The longer the nails, the harder it is to write with a pen or pencil.

In turn, your handwriting suffers. Yikes.

Putting on Jewelry
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2. Putting on Jewelry

As if putting on jewelry with little clasps isn’t difficult enough as is, your long nails will surely make the process even harder. This difficult task alone may make you consider trimming your nails.

Typing on a Keyboard
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3. Typing on a Keyboard

Typing on any keyboard with long nails is difficult in more ways than one. Prepare for lots of typos, loud typing noises and even pain after being forced to type with your nails instead of your fingertips.