14 Annoying Problems Only People with Long Nails Will Understand

Opening Products
Bang Good

4. Opening Products

Tabs, plastic wrap, boxes — you know the drill. You either spend twice as long opening up a product, or you have someone else do it for you.

The chances of you breaking a nail if you decide to do it yourself is quite risky. Decisions, decisions.

Doing Your Hair
My Daily Hair

5. Doing Your Hair

Any hairstyle becomes a task with long nails. Whether you’re curling your hair, trying a simplistic up-do, or applying hair product to maintain your fly-aways, your nails never fail to get in the way.

Constantly Dirty Under-Nails
Try Saving Face

6. Constantly Dirty Under-Nails

Even if you’re a consistent hand washer, you’ll almost always have stuff underneath your long fingernails: food, lotion, dirt, you name it. The worse part is, your fingernails will smell like whatever you last ate.

People may think you’re a dirty person, when, in reality, you can’t go an hour without getting something stuck under your nails.