Experience the Thrill of This Record-Long Zipline Ride via Amazing POV Footage


If you’ve never experienced the heart-pounding thrill of riding a zipline, you can get a pretty good glimpse of what it might be like without even stepping foot outside your door. Thanks to this astounding POV footage, viewers can feel the excitement of sailing across the longest zipline in North America: the Sasquatch Zipline.

This incredible “hairy beast” is an impressive 7,000 feet, or 1.3 miles, in length, bridging two mountains in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. Watch, and practically feel, what it’s like to be launched from Blackcomb Mountain, whizzing across the valley to Whistler Mountain, soaring as high as 600 feet off the ground. It is almost as if you’re flying through the forest and over creeks, for the ultimate in pure, eco-exhilaration!

Source: Epic POV footage of record-long zipline ride by samthewise on Rumble

Phew, that was quite a trip, don’t you think? If you had the chance, would you ride the Sasquatch Zipline?