11 Endearing Things That Remind Us of Christmas


It’s hard to imagine anything being more nostalgic than Christmas. For many of us, we have been partaking in the same holiday traditions for as long as we can remember.

Those memories and feelings of warmth, excitement and happiness are deeply ingrained in us, meaning that whenever we encounter something that reminds us of Christmas, that satisfying feeling of nostalgia instantly floods through our limbs.

For a rush of Christmas spirit, take a look at this list of things that remind us of Christmas. It’s sure to induce some of that holiday nostalgia we love so dearly.

Hot Chocolate

1. Hot Chocolate

While we drink coffee and tea all year round, hot chocolate is the one hot drink that’s reserved for the cold and blustery days of winter. As it’s a treat it may have been a drink you only drank on special occasions, too!

It’s commonly served at holiday ice skating rinks and local Christmas festivals. Perhaps you were even served some in a small styrofoam cup when you went to cut your Christmas tree down!

Christmas memories are filled with images of drinking hot mugs of cocoa, marshmallows bobbing atop its rich brown surface, or perhaps a dollop of whipped cream peaking above the rim.

Ugly Sweaters

2. Ugly Sweaters

It’s hard to say where the ugly Christmas sweater fun began, but it’s a pretty popular concept. Initially, most of these wacky Christmas sweaters were intended to be festive as opposed to ironic, but now people really get a kick out of them.

It’s even become a competition of sorts. With the prevalence of ugly sweater parties popping up around the holidays, you’ve basically been challenged to buy or make the ugliest sweater you can.

As a result, whenever you see someone wearing a particularly ugly Christmas sweater, you’ll immediately be brought back to your own memories from these parties or from the favorite sweaters you’ve seen people don over the years.

Winter Romance

3. Winter Romance

Christmas and romance seem to go in hand in hand for some reason. We can probably thank all those holiday songs and romantic comedies for that!

There’s something about the change of pace over the holidays that tends to give people some perspective about their current place in life, and often this has to do with relationships. Anything having to do with mistletoe or sleigh rides elicits memories (or daydreams) about admiring the beauty of winter hand in hand with the love of your life.

Is there anything more romantic than cuddling up next to a fire, the warm glow it casts over the face of your beau making you fall even more deeply in love with them. Or what about the thought of standing in a park lit with twinkling lights, snowflakes gently drifting down around you as you share a warm kiss in the frigid air?