11 Endearing Things That Remind Us of Christmas


4. Gingerbread

For some reason gingerbread only makes its appearance during the Christmas holidays,  at which point we tend to see (and eat) a lot of it. But generally only in the form of gingerbread men and gingerbread houses.

You could get a whiff of that stuff anywhere, anytime and be transported right back to December.

Wish Lists

5. Wish Lists

Technically you could write a letter to Santa at any point during the year, but it’s more often encouraged around the holidays. (It’s a good way for parents to figure out what their kids want to find under the Christmas tree come morning.)

Writing wish lists never really gets old, however, and you never know what you might get if you simply ask for it. These days Santa accepts emails, but there’s a lot of traditional intention in those handwritten letters.

Simply going through the motion of handwriting a list will remind you your childhood, sitting at the kitchen table asking mom how to spell “Furbie.”

The North Pole

6. The North Pole

The North Pole doesn’t get a ton of headlines the rest of the year, so it’s always a big reminder of Christmas. Although it’s the fictional home of Mr. Santa Claus, there is actually a Santa Claus Village that can be visited there if you were ever so inclined.

Probably just mentioned the North Pole to you will conjure up an image in your head of Santa’s home. Perhaps it’s taken right from one of your favorite Christmas movies, or is an idea of your own devising.

Either way, just picturing the North Pole brings a tingle of magic to your toes and a twitch of a smile to your lips.