33 Things Only Short People Can Understand (and Complain About)


For those of you who are an average height and never have to worry about clothes not fitting or not being able to reach things or not having enough leg room… we don’t want to hear it. We get it! You live the perfect existence! Congratulations!

To those of you who are tall: we know, there are pitfalls to being tall. We’re just not focusing on those right now.

Today we are sympathizing with the shorties out there. Giving short people a shout out because they rock! …wherever they are, they are kind of hard to see sometimes.

Only short people will understand the following!

When you have to take three steps to keep up with every one step your friends take.

Little legs

2. You’d win any game where you had to identify people by their torsos but aren’t sure if you could point out the face of your coworker of 10 years.

Talking to people's nipples

3. If you have no chance of overpowering someone, you might as well know their weaknesses.