12 Small Things That Are Guaranteed to Ruin Your Day


Some days are better than others. One day it feels like everything is going right for you. You hit every green light on the way to work. You find a $10 bill on the ground on your run. The pizza you make for dinner is the perfect level of crispiness without being burnt. Alright!

And then sometimes we get days where truly awful things happen. Maybe you lose your job. Someone close to you passes away. Your house gets broken into.

Having good and bad things happen is a normal part of life. You expect to have days were you have great luck and other days where you receive bad news. What’s truly infuriating are the small things.

You know what I’m talking about. You think it’s just another average day. Things aren’t going too badly. And then WHAM, something super dumb needlessly happens. The fact that it’s inexplicable is what makes it so frustrating. There is literally no reason why this needed to happen to you. And yet it did.

All of a sudden your whole day is ruined. Think I’m being over-dramatic? We’ve all had the following things happen to us, which immediately caused our blood to boil.

1. Okay, great, guess I’m never using this seat in the car again.

Car seat belt twisted

2. Awesome! I’ve always wanted to have to hack away at the top of a can with a blunt knife just so I can drink pop from a lip of jagged metal!

Pop can tab breaking off

3. Just when you think, “I’m doing it! This is actually working for once!” everything falls apart.

Sticker not ripping off