Social Media Has Gone Too Far. Finally, Someone Says It!

Social Media Has Gone Too Far. Finally, Someone Says It!
Great Smokies

In any single day, your cell phone (provided you own one… Who are we kidding? You do!) goes off anywhere between 40 to 50 times. Maybe the chime doesn’t go off — perhaps it’s a chirp, or a bell, or maybe it’s on vibrate and you just hear a slight buzz — but your phone alerts you to a text, or tweet, or Facebook message, or any other number of app activities a lot during the day.

Some social media outlets, such as Instagram and Twitter, strive for likes and retweets. Others such as Facebook are a little more personal, but require the same sort of self-gratification (or should we say selfie-gratification!) Then there are those like Pinterest and Tumblr that are strictly there to share images, videos and funny comments. And while feedback isn’t necessarily the main point of Pinterest and Tumblr, some people still manage to get hung up on how many notes or repins they get.

However, with all these various ways to have your personal lives go viral some people are starting to question whether social media has gone too far. Let’s look at a few examples, shall we?

Instagram (#like4like, #follow4follw)

Instagram started as a simple photo sharing app. One that boasted an integrated Photoshop and filtering area in order to fine tune those pictures before posting them online, where they will be visible to anyone and everyone.

However, the evil hashtag soon took over and it became less about pictures and more about how many likes a picture could get. A simple picture of a tree gets a fistful of hashtags stuck to it in order to boast bigger results.

Instagram also fine-tuned the “selfie” and helped to coin the phrase “duckface.” When a term such as “selfie” becomes a popular song, such as the one the Chainsmokers produced, there is a major problem!

Facebook (#hearismydirtylaundryforeveryonetoreadabout, #feelsorryforme)

Facebook may have started out as a way to keep in touch with old friends, but that is no longer the case. Instead of “Oh, wow, I haven’t seen Heather in years!” it’s turned into “Omg can you believe that this girl I haven’t seen in 10 years is divorced!”

Facebook is a way for you to stalk everyone in your life without ever having to leave the couch. However, Facebook is also a way to try to earn sympathy or likes as well. Let’s face it, we all light up when we see that a new relationship status receives 25 likes.

Facebook took it a step further and you can now like, love, or even laugh at a post… how could that possibly ever go wrong?

Twitter (#onlywaypeoplefollowpolitics, #livetweetanythingyouwant)

Twitter is perhaps the only “professional” form that social media has ever been able to take on. However people are ensuring that this won’t be the case for much longer. We have people live tweeting things like the Oscars (guilty) and other awards shows. You have people live tweeting season openers for popular shows (spoiler alert).

However, one couple (who we won’t mention) managed to wow everyone by live tweeting, with images, their child being born. Everything from an image of the mother’s water breaking to the final tear-filled picture of mother, father and child. While it does sound sweet, why on earth are you live tweeting something like that? Whose business is it but your own!

With the many various forms of social media out there it is time we all unplugged, switched off and disconnected from the virtual world and tried to actually socialize.

You’d be surprised at what’s out there if you looked up from that phone of yours!