16 Glorious Reasons to Be Glad Summer Is Coming to an End


While summer is a favorite season for many, sometimes we’re just as glad when it comes to an end. Autumn is approaching faster than ever, and now focus is on pumpkin spice lattes, warm scarves and cute boots.

Here are some reasons why we’re over summer and ready for a change of season:

Fewer Bugs and Bug Bites
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Fewer Bugs and Bug Bites

Summer is a lively time for everyone, including insects. Ants, mosquitoes, wasps and other bugs are out and about, ready to bite or sting whoever disturbs them or even comes close their territory.

Especially if you live in a mosquito infested area, you know the struggle of summertime…

In the winter you are dreaming about late summer evenings spent outside by the fire. But then when summer arrives you remember you can’t step outside after dark without getting swarmed!

No More Sunscreen or Sunburns

No More Sunscreen or Sunburns

As much as we love the warm, sunny days, the sunscreen has just got to go. It’s an annoyance in itself just to apply and reapply, leaving our skin feeling oily and gross.

And if we don’t apply it, many of us face the consequences with gnarly sunburns. All this while somehow still ending up with less of a tan than we wanted!

Less Shaving
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Less Shaving

This goes for both men and women. Guys have a better excuse to grow our their facial hair, and women have the excuse of, “I’m going to be wearing pants everyday, so I’m not going to shave it.”

It’s a win-win situation for all of us, or perhaps a lazy one. You can decide.