16 Things About Family That Are Just Too True


Oh, family. The people we can rely on (to embarrass us). The people who love us unconditionally (as long as we follow the plan they have set out for our lives). The people who always have our best interest at heart (and that’s why we’re so concerned you don’t have a boyfriend yet, honey).

Whether you have a big family or a very small one, see your family all the time or only on special occasions, are very close with your relatives or barely know them at all — all families have these things in common.

Yes, we love our families. But they’re very good at making us shake our head in dismay or just stare into space wondering how we got to this place in our lives.

1. Is it wrong that there is a direct correspondence between the love I have for my family and the amount of food they have given me to consume? No, no it’s not.

Thankful for family
Meme Vault

2. All you can do is wait and hope and pray.

Mom asks to use your phone

3. When mom comes into your room and sits on your bed because she just wants to spend time with you.

Smothering mothers
Vitamin Ha