35 Things about School That Are Just Too True


No one’s education is exactly the same. Depending on what type of teachers you had, what types of classes you took, how involved in clubs and teams you were, your educational career could look massively different on the whole from another student living just a town away.

And yet, there are similar aspects to all of our experiences. Things that teachers say and do, things about the school system that frustrates us, and things that we have all thought as students.

Here are all the things about school that you have to look forward to as you head back again.

1. That one person in your group for group projects.

Useless Tuxedo Mask

Puzzled Sailor Moon

Tuxedo Mask out

2. We’ve all been at this place in our life.

Student sleeping on floor
Pleated Jeans

3. This makes sense considering when you ask your teacher what’s going to be on the test they answer with “everything.”

Highlighting your textbook