29 Things You Do When You Are Way Too Competitive


Being competitive is rough. There is little in this world you can participate in without a deep seated rage taking hold of you and forcing you to put all your effort in until you come out on top.

You’ve tried to change. To not take things so seriously. But whenever you do, you literally feel your blood boiling and pressure mounting in your skull. It’s just not worth it.

I guess that means you were born to be a winner. Is it really such a bad thing to simply be fulfilling your destiny?

We can even make this list into a comptition. If everything in this list describes you, guess what?! You’re the best at being competitive.

If you’re someone who is too competitive, here’s how you approach life:

1. Everything is a competition.


2. As a result of this mindset, you manage to find losers everywhere you go.

Treadmill competition

3. Even inanimate objects can be losers.

GPS competition