32 Ways You Know It’s Far Too Hot Outside


We spend all winter moaning and groaning about how freezing cold it is outside. We yearn for the days when we can go outside and lie in the sun and finally feel warmth seep back into our bones again.

When the warm weather finally arrives, there’s nothing better than going to the park and reading outside or opening your window so the warm breeze can drift in as you sleep. Unfortunately, the blissfulness of warm weather doesn’t last for long.

Before you know it, it’s the middle of summer. And that means unbearable heat.

If you live somewhere where it gets way too¬†hot outside, you’ve probably seen one or more of these happen. Or you’ve at least thought about doing one of these things.

1. You look out your window and see a raccoon in your bird bath.

Raccoon in bird bath
The Pet Collective

2. You don’t want to use the oven because it’ll make your house even hotter, so you just do this instead.

Baking in the car

3. Your horse tries to give you a subtle hint that you need to install a pool.

Horse in water trough
Bear Tales