How to Know When It’s Time to Unfriend Someone in Your Life


400, 500, 600? What are these numbers representative of? Perhaps the amount of money on our last paycheck (sad, but true).

Maybe our score on the latest pop up game. Or maybe these numbers represent the number of “friends” that a person has on social media platforms.

However, this number is not necessarily conducive to real friends, simply friends we wish to keep up with, or at least be nosy about.


With so many stages to our lives it’s inevitable that we will drift apart from people we were once close with. Accordingly, how do you decide which friends to keep in touch with and which you should probably just cut loose since you rarely see them anyways?

Here’s the thing. Life-long friendships do a pretty good job of standing out, so it’s not difficult to identify which friendships to invest your time in.

Two of my closest friends from high school (13 years) have been in my life through everything and I am extremely grateful for them. I was lucky enough to graduate with both of them and our friendships remained unscathed.

Sure we’ve had some rough patches, but who hasn’t? If you’re in a 13 year friendship and you haven’t had a single fight, never let that person go… maybe even marry them!

These friends always made it easy, though. And that’s the key.

Even when one friend moved away and I thought it would be next to impossible to keep in touch, that wasn’t the case. Although I see them much less than I’d like to, we make the most of the time we do spend together.

My other friend lives in the same city as me and we hang out whenever we have the chance. Keeping up friendships takes effort, but it shouldn’t be difficult if they are truly life-long friend material.

Remove former friends from your life

Then there are the former friends that it’s time to unfriend on Facebook or stop texting altogether. Although you may have been great friends with someone at one point in your life, maybe you always knew deep down that your friendship probably wouldn’t stand the test of time and distance. And that’s perfectly okay.

These friends are the ones who move away and say they will stay in touch but never do. The ones who say “let’s hang out” but never make the plans. The ones who invite you to their wedding, but you didn’t even know they were engaged.

It’s okay to recognize that you had a great friendship with someone while you were in university, but now that you are both working in different cities that friendship is over. It’s like the saying goes, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Go ahead and remove these people from your life. It seems like a harsh idea, but why would you put effort into something you are getting nothing back from when you could be devoting that time to your friends who do care?

To be brutally honest, they probably won’t even notice that you’ve removed them. If they don’t try to make plans now, then in three year when they realize they haven’t seen you they will be too ashamed to message you and realize what they lost then.

It’s time to prioritize your friendships and in doing so prioritize yourself!