Thoughts You Have When You Receive yet Another Wedding Invitiation


1. OMG.


2. Wow okay, that’s like three weddings this year.

3. Good for them, I’m very happy for them.

4. I guess…

5. Wait, I thought they broke up? Guess not.

6. Okay well this will be fun, they’re a lively bunch.

7. Bout to get druuuunk.

8. Wait, who am I going to take?

9. Ughhhh is it too soon to ask if we’ve only been dating for a month?

10. Or should we be official by now anyway?

11. Note to self, ask friends to weigh in on relationship status stat.

12. Oh wait I don’t even get a plus one?

13. That’s rude really, just because I’m not married doesn’t mean I don’t have relationships.

14. Well maybe there will be cuties there.

15. Which means I need a good outfit.

16. Not that I need to spend more money on formal wear.

17. But seriously, I can’t re-wear this outfit on account of the photo booth action, everyone would notice.

18. Maybe not. No they would, I always notice when other people repeat outfits.

19. I also have to get a gift of course.

20. Now that’s a major marriage perk, all the gifted goods.

21. They didn’t even come to my birthday party though, so how much do I have to spend?

22. Does this mean they’re having a baby soon, yikes.

23. Not that they won’t be great parents…

24. But yeah IDK they might not.

25. Am I going to have kids?

26. Geez how are we of age to even get married let alone have children.

27. Gulp.

28. Should I be getting married?

29. If you ask my mom, yes, yesterday.

30. Do I have to travel for this thing or what?

31. Oh I definitely do, yeah, better start the budgeting ASAP.

32. I mean I have been wanting to take a weekend getaway.

33. I’d just prefer if someone was treating me to it.

34. Am I such a party pooper or what?

35. No I’m not, I’m totally normal.

36. I know I’ll have fun when I get there.

37. At least I hope I will.

38. I wonder who else is going.

39. Maybe someone will split a room with me!

40. If they’re not all with their dates that is…

41. What if I ask for a plus one?

42. Is that allowed or will I get on some wedding blacklist?

43. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad actually…

44. Kidding, kidding.

45. No but really this is like six weddings this year, it’s a lot.

46. But also romantic.

47. Like really, that many people have not only found their soulmates but decided to commit to them for all of eternity?

48. It’s like one of the most important things we do in a life.

49. If you ask “society,” that is.

50. But I kind of agree.

51. Not that I’m worried about getting married or anything.

52. Do I look worried?

53. Wait, do people think I’m weird for not being married yet?

54. Yeah they probably do.

55. That’s a little embarrassing.

56. But it’s not that I don’t have options or something, it just hasn’t happened yet. It will.

57. But why does it happen so quickly for some people?

58. Totally happy for them, though! Totally happy.

59. I wonder what kind of cake they’ll have.

60. The food has to be the best part of the reception.

61. When it’s good.

62. As long as they have a chicken option.

63. Yeah the food is way better than the dancing portion.

64. Unless I have a hot date.

65. Maybe I should just ask if I can bring someone, I’m sure they’ll understand…