12 Experiences We’ve All Had That Make Us Question Why We Drive


I don’t know why some people like driving so much. If every drive involved cruising down a country road on a summer night, windows down, music loud, road empty, then I’d love it.

But most drives involve an encounter with someone who doesn’t know how to drive properly, construction, or the inability to find somewhere to park. At least there are common gripes we all share about driving.

But it does make you think — if we can ALL relate over these images, then who are the idiots we see out there on the road?…

1. More signs like this would really help with the constant debate I have when driving anywhere: do I listen to the GPS or do I listen to my instincts?

Ignore GPS

2. To be fair, if I knew which way north was I probably wouldn’t be asking for directions in the first place.


3. We should be able to skip that aspect of our driving test if we promise we will never attempt to parallel park anyways.

Parallel parking