8 Reasons Why You Should Love Autumn


It’s that time of year again; summer is coming to an end and fall is just around the corner. The fun and the sun is replaced with schoolwork and chilly weather, but that is no cause for distress! Turns out, there are plenty of reasons to love autumn.

1. Fall Fashion, Though!

Fall Fashion, Though!

Fall is the best time for fashion. The weather is finally cool enough to break out those cute boots and little, knit sweaters you’ve been dying to get back into. Fall is the best time to be your sophisticated and sexy self!

2. The Fall TV Line-Up

The Fall TV Line-Up

Like the spring signifies new life in nature, the fall signifies new life for tv. New shows bud and bloom into existence while old shows return, strong as an oak. Sometimes, it’s just good to just sit back and take it all in…with some snacks and a drink!

3. Everything is Actually Delicious

Everything is Actually Delicious

Speaking of snacks, everything tastes great this season. We’ve got the return of pumpkin spice, freshly picked apples, pumpkin pie, and too many others to count.