6 Things That Always Happen as the Year Starts Winding Down


4. Work slows down but doesn’t stop.

Over the holiday season, work schedules can get wonky. But no matter how many days off you have, it seems like there’s always too much to get done.

This year the holiday falls on a Saturday, which means most of us will be able to properly sleep off our champagne buzz for once.

5. You have to do extensive outfit planning.

The ideal New Year’s Eve outfit is festive but also warm, which often means incorporating some sort of sequins with a coat. Or at least finding a “Happy New Year” hat of some sort.

6. You get a moment to stop and think about everything that happened that year.

There’s no better time than the end of the year to think back on everything that happened during the year. Generally, it’s a lot, and while some of it was rough those moments tend to lighten up a bit in retrospect.

More often than not we see how far we’ve come in some really great ways, and we realize how many awesome people we had around us supporting us along the way. There’s always stuff to change, but there’s usually a lot to be grateful for as well.

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