Alan Rickman Characters That Will Remain with Us ‘Always’


His acting was superior. His jokes were hilarious. His attitude…well let’s face it, his attitude is what made him perfect for these roles. Whether joking around, showing us his musical inclination, or scaring us with each line, Alan Rickman was a loved actor and gave a face to many various characters throughout his acting career.

Let’s take a look at some of the most beloved Alan Rickman characters throughout his career.

Mark Antony, Antony and Cleopatra

10) Mark Antony, Antony and Cleopatra

The lines may have been written by Shakespeare himself, but no one delivered as stunning a performance as Alan did, playing the title role in Antony and Cleopatra. Starring alongside Helen Mirren (Cleopatra), he performed this role in the 1998 stage performance for Britain’s National Theatre. Alan had been nominated for a Tony award prior to this performance, and even though some criticism of his role rang through, he persevered and stepped into the character flawlessly.