11 Celebrities Who Rock the Dad Bod


According to history, the term “dad bod” came into usage only on April 30, 2015, when a Clemson sophomore named Mackenzie Pearson wrote an article in the Clemson Odyssey entitled “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod”.

Exactly what is it? It describes the male body in a softly round structure instead of a sculpted one. It is based on the theory that once a man has found a partner and fathered kids, there is no longer a need to maintain the fit and lean physique they once did in their single years.

In show business, a few celebrities have been known to sport the dad bod and we can’t help but notice how hot they still are despite those flabby arms and rounded beer bellies.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

While Leo isn’t a dad just yet, he has definitely developed the type of body that male parents are known for. Despite his not-so-buff body, the stream of supermodel girlfriends being linked to him is proof enough that he is one hot daddy material.