Hollywood’s Weirdest Deaths


Many celebrities spend their lives chasing fame and fortune, building an image that fades into a lasting legacy long after they are gone. The strange thing about fame though, is that it rarely goes hand-in-hand with a legacy. The longer fame lasts, the shorter the legacy lasts. The people who are remembered the most are the ones who burn out fast, the ones who go before their time. And it seems that the grander, more memorable, and even stupider the death, the more enduring the legacy is.


Sharon Tate

As a twenty-six-year-old actress who was married to one of the most celebrated directors of the time, it is fair to say that Sharon Tate had a lot going for her. She was starting a family with her husband, Roman Polanski, and like any small-time actress, she no doubt had aspirations of starting her career anew as soon as she got the birth out of the way. Also like most other actresses of her generation, she wanted a legacy, she wanted to be remembered. As it happened, she got her wish, but not in the way she would have wanted.

Tate was murdered by the Manson Family, followers of notorious Charles Manson. She was just a couple of weeks from her due date at the time, but this didn’t stop her murderers from stabbing her 16 times and leaving her to die, before scrawling the word “PIG” in blood on her front door. Charles Manson was not at the scene of the crime, but he has been in prison ever since the murder, despite Susan Atkins — the woman who delivered the killing blows — being released in 2009.