10 Incredible Theater Shows You Must See


If you have ever been to the theater, whether for a musical, comedic performance, or Shakespearean play then you know the rush you get from being a part of something so thrilling. You are either completely entranced by the spectacle of the live performance, or you’re singing along to the songs that you’re hearing. Either way being in the theater brings a sense of wonder to the audience and these shows are part of the reason.

The Lion King
Gadi Creative

The Lion King

Many of the shows on Broadway have a wide array of musical numbers, elaborate costumes, and incredible sets and The Lion King is no exception to these rules. Whether it is the intense musical numbers sung in both English and Afrikaans, the over the top costumes which leave nothing to the imagination, or the spectacular sets which have you feeling like you are part of the African Savannah, this show is a must see on all accounts. It follows the typical story we all know and love, but there are new musical numbers, and more chances to fall in love with the characters you remember from the film!