Who Rolled the Five? Jumanji Remake in the Works


Who Rolled the Five? Jumanji Remake in the Works
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We all remember seeing the movie Jumanji and secretly wanting to play the game, and now we have a chance to return and try again. No, not a sequel, but a nostalgic remake of an amazing original.

While the cast and crew will obviously be different, the story is supposed to remain the same, according to director Jake Kasdan. However, fans are not all together amused with the story being redone.

Jake has been the director of many comedies such as Sex Tape, Bad Teacher, and TV show New Girl. What the fans are worried about is that too much comedy will seep into the story line, and there won’t be as much action as there was in the past.

The actor who brought the movie to life was none other then Robin Williams. Robin, who passed away a year ago, played the part of Allan Parrish, the boy who played the game, got sucked in, and spent 26 long years in the jungle of Jumanji. He has some rather big shoes which cannot be filled by anyone, which is another reason critics are skeptical.

The tweets blew up: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?”, “Rebooting Jumanji is the worst idea you have ever had! You can’t beat Robin Williams”, “It’s official…Hollywood has run out of ideas. They are remaking Jumanji…which is a damned shame and a travesty”.

Needless to say, the audience is not overly thrilled with the idea, and we are not totally sure what to make of it ourselves. What do you think of the news?

You can catch the Jumanji remake in theaters in the Summer of 2017.