7 Most-Anticipated Movies to Get Excited for in 2017

Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast

Another Disney live action adventure. With the success of other live action takes on classic Disney films, we are re-introduced to Beauty and the Beast.

The trailer has been a huge hit, mirroring the original trailer from the 1992 release of the animated version. The actors have all been chosen, with big names such as Emma Watson, Ewan McGregor, and Sir Ian McKellan.

Plus the story line is said to be true to the story we have come to know and love.

Justice League
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Justice League

While DC hasn’t had much luck at beating out superhero bigwig Marvel in their blockbuster movies, we are hoping that the Justice League can turn the tables. The Avengers, while entertaining, are getting to be slightly overdone.

We need to see a new something new. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and their compatriots could be the change we have been hoping for.

Wonder Woman
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Wonder Woman

In lieu of the rumor that Justice League will be released this year, we need a few more introductory tales in order to bring fans up to speed.

Enter Wonder Woman. The trailers have all been promising, but many of DC’s trailers have promised lots and failed to deliver.

However, we have a feeling this could be the story that changes the fate of DC in the movie world. Hopefully Gal Gadot can do an excellent job at bringing the DC universe out of the dark!