One Direction in Their Younger Days


It seems like an eternity ago that One Direction was just five separate hopefuls on the UK version of the X Factor. This is where they were introduced to each other and to the world, but no one could have known that once the season was over (with One Direction finishing third), this collective of talented hopefuls would go on to be the biggest pop group in the world.

These days, they are global superstars, but prior to that success they were just the same as you and I, five lads growing up in the suburbs of England and making their way through life. It’s a little hard to imagine them like that, so we’ll help you out, with pictures of all members of 1D when they were kids.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Soccer-obsessed Louis Tomlinson was once on the verge of signing a deal to play for Doncaster Rovers, but that deal fell through. He still watches the games, though, and he also plays on occasion. As we can see from this picture of Louis when he was just a rosy-cheeked youngster, sport and fitness were clearly at the forefront of his mind. That sweet-faced kid had dreams of being a world famous soccer star, but I’m sure he would have settled for being a world famous pop star instead.