11 Outrageous Outfits Miley Cyrus Wore at the 2015 VMAs


Miley Cyrus is at it again. If you still haven’t gotten over that time she twerked on Robin Thicke while in her nude, vinyl bikini at the 2013 VMAs, or when she swung butt-naked on a wrecking ball (the video won her the 2014 VMAs Video of the Year, by the way), then here are more reasons to have nightmares of her.

She recently hosted the 2015 VMAs and she one-upped herself by wearing – and doing – even more outrageous things. Check out what her wardrobe had to say during this year’s MTV event:

Elie M. Chahine
Elie M. Chahine

1. Silver Goddess

Miley started the night off with this Versace silver harness top and a chandelier skirt that sort of covered her entire nakedness, leaving only a littleĀ to the imagination. Her ensemble did look very futuristic and she topped it off with blonde dreadlocks and thigh-high silver boots.