RIP 2016: A Farewell to Some of the Stars We Lost


2016 has come to an end. Rest in peace to a year where we lost many amazing entertainers, musicians, and other iconic public figures.

With each new death the world lamented the loss of such influential people. The losses began in January and continued on right through to the end of December.

We should remember, though, that these individuals left a mark on the world. We feel sad about their loss because we realize what an impact they made through their work, actions and words.

It was their incredible efforts that drew our attention to them in the first place, and it is these very efforts that have become their legacy. Though they are gone, what we loved about them still remains in the world to be revisited time and time again.

David Bowie

David Bowie

The news of David Bowie hit the world hard, as he was one of the first deaths to be announced in 2016. He died on January 10 of cancer.

The Goblin King, as he was known to many Labyrinth fans, was believed by many to be the fabric that held everything together. After he died, the deaths kept rolling in.

He had just released a new album, Blackstar, two days prior to his death. All we know is he was taken too soon but his music will live with us forever.

Consequence of Sound


We lost the King of Pop eight years ago, and now the Prince. Prince was known for many iconic songs including Purple Rain and Little Red Corvette, and his death on April 21 sent a ripple through the music world.

It was later announced that he died from a fentanyl overdose. The pills were apparently mislabeled as hydrocodone. It’s still not known if the manufacturer mislabeled the pills or if they were illegally manufactured and obtained.

Many singers have made tributes to him, and will probably continue to do so. And who can blame them?

The man was an inspiration to young artists everywhere, and helped a lot of people become more comfortable with who they are as individuals. RIP Prince.

Leonard Cohen
The Daily Beast

Leonard Cohen

Singer/songwriter and musical legend, Leonard Cohen made some amazing music in his lifetime that touched the hearts of many. Everyone has heard some version of Hallelujah, and most of us have recited it ourselves at some point.

He died on November 7 in his sleep after taking a fall in the middle of the night. Despite reports saying that his death was unexpected, they also noted that he passed away peacefully.

We were all saddened by his death and will continue to mourn his loss.