Digging up a 90’s Horror Classic: Tales of the Crypt Remake


Can you remember the thrills you would get from watching the scary shows your parents forbid? Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of The Dark, Freaky Stories, and so many others created the line up for late evening shows geared for the older teens of the 90’s.

Digging up a 90's Horror Classic: Tales of the Crypt Remake

Perhaps one of the most gruesome shows in this terrifying line up was Tales from The Crypt. Whether you watched the animated or live action version, the chills that were sent down your spine cannot be easily forgotten. The stories freaked you out, the Crypt Keeper was embedded in your mind, and his voice haunted your dreams…but you would totally do it all again if given the chance.

Well good news, M. Night. Shyamalan is stepping up to the plate to give you that chance. That’s right. For all you 90’s nostalgia-driven individuals out there, Turner Network Television (TNT) will be introducing a new spine tingling two hour horror block this fall on HBO and a Shyamalan remake of Tales from The Crypt will be leading this line-up.

M. Night. Shyamalan is the mastermind behind thrilling classics like The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village, and Unbreakable.

We are not being given any details about how this 1998 remake will be filmed, whether it is animated or live action, but we are excited either way! The Crypt will be opened and the 1 hour stories that will emerge are promised to give the audience chills with terrifying plots, bone chilling scenes, and a grave yard full of gruesome comedy.

While the director says he does have a Crypt Keeper in mind for the part, they are keeping those details buried and waiting for a later reveal.

You can catch Tales of The Crypt starting this Fall on HBO.