7 Unbelievable Then and Now Photos of Ex-Disney Stars


Just like the rest of us, our all-time favorite Disney stars go through changes over time, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Over the years, dozens of these stars “outgrew” Disney and moved on to other things, and, in turn, changed their once cutesy styles and innocent lifestyles into something drastically different.

These images of stars during their stint on Disney Channel shows and post-Disney will have your jaw dropping!

Bella Thorne
Skinny vs Curvy

Bella Thorne

Being a celebrity really can make you grow up fast. Take a look at 18-year-old Bella Thorne, former actress on the discontinued show, Shake It Up. Just less than three years ago, Bella starred on the Disney show with her best friend, Zendaya. Shortly after, she reached full-on Hollywood adulthood, wearing more revealing articles of clothing, getting a belly button piercing, and, according to rumors, undergoing several cosmetic surgeries ranging from lip fillers to a nose job to breast implants.

Bella Thorne went from young and innocent to wild and free. Though she is gorgeous both before and after, I think we can all admit she now looks far older and more mature than she did just a few years back on Disney Channel. Things have definitely changed for this short-lived Disney actress.