What They Didn’t Tell You About Being an Adult

O, Pish Posh!
O, Pish Posh!

We have all been thrown into adulthood fairly quickly, and with it we have been left to figure certain things out for ourselves. We remember being kids, and thinking about how much we wanted to grow up, and be independent…but now that we are here we just want to go back!

Here are 5 things that you were never told about being an adult.

1. You’re Almost Always Ready for Bed

Doesn’t matter how late you stayed up, or how early you had to get up, you are always tired by mid afternoon (or earlier) and wish you could go back on all those times you told your parents you didn’t want a nap. A nap would be an absolutely fantastic part of any work day and should really be offered by all employers. If only there was a way to bank the naps that you skipped out on as a kid!