Dog Excitedly Walks for the First Time Since Having Legs Severed


Animal violence is a sad reality in our world. As many humans know firsthand the joy pets and wildlife bring to their lives, it’s difficult to understand how someone could be okay with harming a sentient creature.

What’s even more unfathomable is how some people get away with crimes against animals.

Cola was an unfortunate victim of animal cruelty. As a nine-month-old puppy, he chewed up a pair of his owner’s neighbor’s shoes — not an uncommon act for a puppy!

Despite his owner paying the neighbor for the damage, the neighbor thought an act of retribution was necessary and attacked Cola, severing his front legs with a sword.

Since Thailand only implemented its first Animal Welfare Law in 2014, the justice system has yet to impose strict rules on animal cruelty. The man responsible for this inhumane act was sentenced to only a month of incarceration. Had the incident happened prior to 2014, his crime would have been completely ignored, and no charges would have been pressed against him.

Following the horrific event, Cola was taken to a specialist clinic in Bangkok. Here the staff was able to find a perfect pair of prosthetic legs for the canine!

Make sure you have a box of tissues with you when you watch the video below. Cola’s priceless reaction to walking for the first time since the incident will have you in happy tears.

Thankfully for the owner, all the expenses were paid by the Soi Dog Foundation, a non-profit charity for dogs and cats in Asia. Fearful that his neighbor would assault Cola again, the owner decided to leave him to the charity’s co-founder, Gill.

Without any hesitation, she and her husband adopted the fully recovered canine. Gill also has prosthetic legs, after losing her own in an accident while trying to save a dog in 2004.

Presently, Cola is in Phuket living with his new parents who are without a doubt providing him with all the love and care every dog deserves. He is said to be enjoying plenty of long walks on the beach!

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