Hospice Patient Has Dying Wish of Getting to Snuggle with Kittens Fulfilled


Imagine lying on your deathbed and having your loved ones ask you what your final wish is. What would you tell them? It would need to be something that would bring you pure happiness in your last moments.

For a hospice patient named Carol, pure happiness means being surrounded by a bunch of kittens. Thanks to the staff from Great Plains SPCA, an animal welfare center based in Kansas City, USA, this woman’s dream became a reality.

Watch the heartwarming clip and see how Carol’s family and caretakers surprise her with a basket full of kittens. It’s so adorable how well-behaved and calm the cats are.

You can see the joy on Carol’s face as she cuddles with the kittens. What’s more, is the joy on the faces of everyone in the room as they witness this beautiful moment and even get to cuddle some kittens of their own.

Isn’t it great how such a simple act from humans can bring so much joy to another? Those working at the SPCA as well as from the hospice really deserve credit for their kindness.

And let’s not forget those kittens who are hard at work every day to be their most adorable!